There is some information that will help you to prepare the baby for an awesome photoshoot! 
Please bring the pacifiers as well even you are not planning to give them but just for this photo shoot. It will extremely helpful to calm your baby during the session.  
The session should already take up to 3 hours.  Depends on how the baby sleep.
What to expect:
I may spend up to 3 hours photographing your baby.  I allow enough time for your baby to eat, for me to clean up messes and settle your baby if needed.  It also accounts for changing setups for different poses.
I do keep my studio nice and toasty.  The temperature can range from 78 to 85 degrees so you will want to dress appropriately.  I will photograph your baby in the buff, so no need to bring outfits.  Most clothing items will hide your baby. 
I believe in capturing the innocence of a nude baby to make the images artful.  However, if you have knitted items that you would like to bring, please feel free to do so.  If you do have knitted items for the session, please send a photograph (email or text) to me.   This will help me coordinate backdrops to your items.  
What to do before your scheduled session:
Give your baby a sponge bath and don’t forget the lotion 
Put clothing and diaper on loosely to avoid red marks. A onesie that zips in the front is easiest to take off and less disturbing to your baby
Grab a pacifier even if you do not plan on letting your baby use one.  Pacifiers help soothe babies and will make the session go much smoother. 
With the way the poses are set up, a sleeping baby is required.  You can feed your baby before you leave home if needed.  Most babies will fall asleep in the car.  If your little one wakes up hungry, you can feed them to get a nice full belly to help them sleep better.  
As soon as your baby falls asleep, I will ask that you (mom) allow me to take over.  Babies can smell mommy and may not sleep deep enough to allow for pose.  You can, at this point, make yourself comfortable and enjoy as you watch your babies session!