Proofing Gallery

Your portraits will be available on Jah Mitchell Photography’s website, in a gallery to view your proofing gallery.  You have 2 weeks to make your selections. After 2 weeks the gallery will expire and there will be a $50 reactivation fee to open your gallery again.

Your proofing gallery is not fully edited yet, once I know your favourites images that you want then I will edit them to perfection.

Please do not screenshot the images in your proofing gallery. This is image theft as the copyright remains with Jah Mitchell Photography. Jah Mitchell Photography reserves the right to cancel contracts based on screenshots with zero refund per this violation.

Final gallery

Once you receive your final gallery you have 2 weeks to download these images. After 2 weeks, the gallery is closed.

You may request a re-opening of their gallery after it has expired. An unarchiving fee of $50 will be incurred. Upon receipt of payment, your gallery will be live for 14 days.

Facebook Sharing and Other Social Media

All images should remain as they are delivered (i.e., no alterations, filters, etc.) and Credit must be provided when used online. I appreciate your willingness to share my art with your family and friends.